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What is LibraVPN?

LibraVPN IS a brand new VPN service, with a sole purpose in mind – Creating a free and unlimited access to any content worldwide. Formed by a group of internet and cyber-security enthusiast, LibraVPN main agenda is to create the internet accessible again. LibraVPN is hiding your IP address by letting the network redirect it through a specially configured remote server. This means that if you surf online with a VPN, the VPN server becomes the source of your data. This means your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and other third parties cannot see which websites you visit or what data you send and receive online. A VPN works like a filter that turns all your data into “gibberish”. Even if someone were to get their hands on your data, it would be useless.

How does LibraVPN technology work?

LibraVPN works by routing your device’s internet connection through our private server rather than your internet service provider (ISP) so that when your data is transmitted to the internet, it comes from the VPN rather than your computer. The VPN acts as an intermediary of sorts as you connect to the internet, thereby hiding your IP address – the string of numbers your ISP assigns your device – and protecting your identity. Furthermore, if your data is somehow intercepted, it will be unreadable until it reaches its final destination.

LibraVPN creates a private “tunnel” from your device to the internet and hides your vital data through something that is known as encryption.

Is LibraVPN free?

YES! LibraVPN offers you the ability to protect your privacy and restore your freedom while surfing the Internet. This is a FREE VPN service without any traffic limits, completely free for life. Our Easy Software takes only 3 steps to set up. First, choose a location from our list of servers located around the world. Then, just push the Connect button and immediately enjoy all the benefits that you have gained from LibraVPN

Can I use LibraVPN to watch Netflix, Hulu, Youtube, and other streaming services?

LibraVPN is a fast, easy to use, and secured VPN service for all devices. You can use it to change your IP address to any of our worldwide servers and access Netflix, Hulu, and other streaming services, and accessing Twitter, Facebook and other social media platforms from anywhere in the world.

LibraVPN is very easy to use and works with Windows, Mac OS X, iPhone/iPad, Android phone/tablet, and Android TV.

Is LibraVPN using my bandwidth?

If you regularly access the internet from your phone or a tablet, you probably rely on a data plan, at least some of the time, to visit sites, watch movies, and send email. It’s not surprising, then, that you want to use as little data as possible. Most data plans still come with caps. Going over these caps can cost you extra fees or slow your online speed to a crawl.

Unfortunately, using a VPN to get online doesn’t mean you can forget about data caps. Browsing the internet, listening to music, downloading videos, and streaming movies will still count against any data limits set by your providers, whether you’re using a VPN or not.

And here’s a negative: You’ll use slightly more data with a VPN because this service encrypts your data. That’s an important privacy feature. But it does mean that using a VPN will grow the amount of data you consume by anywhere from 5 percent to 15 percent, according to some estimates.

How does a VPN hide my IP address?

VPNs are acting as a “gateway” to other IP addresses located worldwide. 

Using a super-fast and stable servers located in strategic PoP in major countries and cities, LibraVPN users can access any country in the world, masking their actual IP address and appearing to be in the requested locations. This helps avoiding phising and fraudulent activites, going arounf Geo-restrictions and offering a safer access to the internet. 


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Ready to get LibraVPN?

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